LIPSTICK in Quantity

Collagen Lipsticks

LIPSTICK - healthy, nourishing lasting lipstick colors in beautiful packaging.

Creamy, moist beeswax and bio-collagen infused textures come in luxury packaging. Discover naturally beautiful pigments containing Botanicals, Vitamin A, E & C, Organic Bees Wax, Lip Balm Conditioners, Lip Volumizers and Essential Oils. Leaves your lips smooth, creamy, sumptuous, plump and moist.

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    Creamy, moist, soothing textures. Discover naturally beautiful pigments containing Botanicals, Vitamin A, E & C, Organic Bees Wax, and Essential Oils. Formulated for superior comfort, leaves lips smooth and supple. Also explore Moisturizing Lip Cream Gloss, Super Gloss, High Impact Luxury Lipstick, Luxury Gloss, Soft Lips Tints, Plumping Luxury Lipstick, Liquid Lipstick.

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    A-List Copper Lip Plump
    - Find A-List
    Acapulco Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Acapulco
    Adorable Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Adorable
    Affair Lilac Lip Plump Gloss
    - Find Affair
    Affectionate Mauve Lingerie
    - Find Affectionate
    After Hours Lip Glaze Kit
    - Find After Hours
    Almond Creme Lipstick
    - Find Almond
    Aloha Lip Gel - Copper Tan
    - Find Aloha
    Amber Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Amber
    Ambrosia Lip Gel - Peach Shimmer
    - Find Ambrosia
    Apricot High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Apricot
    Apricot Toast Lipstick
    - Find Apricot Toast
    Apricot Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Apricot Pearl
    Aruba Lip Nouveau - Sun Gold Lip Creme
    - Find Me
    Attitude Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Attitude
    Au Naturel High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Au Naturel
    Aubergine Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Aubergine
    Autumn Pearl Lipstick Red-Brown
    - Find Autumn
    Azalea High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Azalea


    Baby Lips Lip Lacquer
    - Find Baby Lips
    Bashful Pink Velvet Matte
    - Find Bashful
    BellaDonna Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find BellaDonna
    Believe Pink Lips Gel Gloss
    - Find Believe
    Belle Berry Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Belle
    Berry Sexy Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Berry Sexy
    Berry Super Gloss
    - Find Berry
    Berry-Go-Round Lip Six Palette
    - Find Me
    Betrayal Red Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Betrayal
    BlastOff Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find Blastoff
    Blaze Creme Red Lipstick
    - Find Blaze
    Bliss Velvet - Sheer Bliss Beige
    - Find Sheer Bliss
    Blue Roses Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Blue Roses
    Blushing Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Blushing
    Bombshell Pearl Bronze-Red
    - Find Bombshell
    Bordeaux Velvet Matte Wine
    - Find Bordeaux
    Boudoir Lite Rose Lip Plump
    - Find Boudoir
    Bourbon Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Bourbon
    Braisin Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Braisin
    Brandywine High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Brandywine
    Bronze Velvet - Sheer Bronze
    - Find Sheer Bronze
    Bronze Ice Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Bronze Shimmer Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Bronze Shimmer
    Brownie High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Brownie
    Burst Lip Gel - Red Lips
    - Find Burst


    Cafe Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Cafe
    Cancun Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Cancun
    Candid Wine Mauve Lip Plump
    - Find Candid
    Candy Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Candy
    Candy Super Gloss
    - Find Candy
    Cappuccino Coffee Velvet Matte*
    - Find Cappuccino
    Capri Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Capri
    Caress Frosted Pearl Lipstick
    - Find caress
    Cerise Frosted Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Cerise
    Champage 24K Gloss
    - Find Champagne
    Champagne Lip Lacquer
    - Find Champagne
    Champagne Frosted Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Champagne
    Champagne Rose Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Champagne Rose
    Chance Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Chance
    Charming Super Gloss
    - Find Charming
    Cheer Fuchsia Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Cheer
    Cherry Bark Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Cherry Bark
    Chianti Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Chianti
    Choco Latte Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Choco Latte
    Chocolate Factory Lip Six Palette
    - Find Me
    Chocolate Frappe Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Chocolate
    Chocolate Cherries Sheer Velvet
    - Find Chocolate
    Cider High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Cider
    Cider Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Cider
    City Lights Pearl Lips
    - Find City
    Classy Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Classy
    Clear Lips Lip Lacquer
    - Find Clear Lips
    Clear Super Gloss
    - Find Clear Gloss
    Climax Wine Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Climax
    Cocoberry Sheer Velvet
    - Find Sheer Cocoberry
    Cocoa Kiss Lip Lacquer
    - Find Cocoa Kiss
    Coco Ice Frosted Pearl
    - Find Coco Ice
    Copper Super Gloss
    - Find Copper
    Copper Topper Lip Lacquer
    - Find Copper Topper
    Coppercino Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Coppercino
    Coral Shell High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Coral Shell
    Cosmic Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Cosmic
    Cosmopolitan High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Cosmopolitan
    Cosmopolitan Lip Glaze
    - Find Cosmopolitan
    Coy Pink Velvet Matte
    - Find Coy
    Cozumel Lip Nouveau - Pink Coral Lip Creme
    - Find Cozumel
    Cranberry Creme Lipstick
    - Find Cranberry
    Cranberry Ice Frosted Pearl
    - Find Cranberry Ice
    Crave Chocolate Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Crave
    Crimson Red Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Crimson
    Crushed Grape Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Crushed Grape
    Crystal Pink Lip Lacquer
    - Find Crystal Pink
    Cuddle Violet Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Cuddle
    Currant Creme Lipstick Maroon
    - Find Currant


    Dainty Rose Lip Plump
    - Find Me
    Damsel Lip Gel - Lilac Rose
    - Find Me
    Dare Golden Rose Lip Plump
    - Find Me
    Daring Pink Pout Glo
    - Find Me
    Darling Pearl Deep Maroon
    - Find Me
    Day Dream Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Debutante Lip Gel - Pink Pearl
    - Find Me
    Decadence Lip Gel - Coffee Creme
    - Find Me
    Delicious Pearl Rose Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Delicious Super Balm SPF 15
    - Find Delicious
    Demure Velvet Matte Rose
    - Find Me
    Desire Gold Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Destiny Gold Rose Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Me
    Devilish Wine Pout & Glo
    - Find Me
    Devotion Rose Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Dessert Blossom Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Discrete Light Cocoa Lip Plump
    - Find Me
    Drama High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Drama Queen Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Dream Girl Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Dune Rose Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Dusk Rose Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me


    Embrace Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Energy Lip Plump Gloss
    - Find Me
    Enticing Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Eruption Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Escort Lip Gel Pink Shimmer
    - Find Me
    Eternity Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Eternity
    Exotic Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Exotic
    Equinox Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Equinox
    Extreme Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Extreme


    Fabulous Red Lip Plump
    - Find Fabulous
    Fairy Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Fairy
    Fantasy Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Fantasy
    Fawn Rose Creme Lipstick
    - Find Fawn
    Fatale Pearl Lingerie Lipstick
    - Find Fatale
    Femme Pearl Lingerie Lipstick
    - Find Femme
    Femme Super Gloss
    - Find Femme
    Fetish Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find Me
    Fireworks Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Flash Lip Lacquer
    - Find Flash
    Flicker Pearl Lingerie Lipstick
    - Find Flicker
    Flight Pink Lip Plump Gloss
    - Find Flight
    Fling Red Wine Lip Plump
    - Find Fling
    Flirty Bronze Pout & Glo
    - Find Flirty
    Force Copper Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Force
    French Kiss Pearl Lipstick
    - Find French Kiss
    French Riviera Lip Nouveau - Spice Lip Creme
    - Find Me
    Frenzy Bronze Mauve Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Me
    Fresh High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Fresh
    Frostbite Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Fusion Copper Sun Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Fusion


    Geranium Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Gilded Super Gloss
    - Find Gilded
    Ginger Creme Lipstick
    - Find Ginger
    Girlie Pink Lingerie Pearl Lipstick - Find Girlie
    Glaze Pink Lip Plump Gloss
    - Find Glaze
    Godiva High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Godiva
    Godiva Velvet Matte
    - Find Godiva Velvet
    Golden Apple Lip Six Palette
    - Find Me
    Gold Finger Lip Lacquer
    - Find Gold Finger
    Gold Gleam Lip Lacquer
    - Find Gold Gleam
    Golden Mauve Velvet Matte
    - Find Me
    Grape Super Gloss
    - Find Grape
    Guava Creme Lipstick
    - Find Guava
    Guilty Wine Sparkle Lipstick
    - Find Me


    Haze Frosted Pearl - Find Haze
    Heavenly Lavender Pout & Glo
    - Find heavenly Pout
    Heart Throb Mauve Pearl Lipstick - Find Heart Throb
    Heather Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Heather
    Hope Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Hope
    Hug Bronze Rose Pearl Lipstick - Find Hug
    Hush Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Hush
    Hyacinth Lip Lacquer
    - Find Hyacinth
    Hype Chocolate Frost Lumi-Shine Gloss - Find Hype
    Hypnotic Frosted Pearl Lipstick - Find Hypnotic


    Ice Wood Frosted Pearl
    - Find Me
    Ice Coco Frosted Pearl
    - Find Me
    Ice Cranberry Frosted Pearl
    - Find Me
    Ice Mocha Frosted Pearl
    - Find Me
    Ice Pink Frosted Pearl
    - Find Me
    Illicit Coffee Creme Pout & Glo
    - Find Me
    Incognito Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Innocent Pink Pearl Lipstick - Find Me
    Inspiration Sheer Velvet Maroon
    - Find Me
    Interlude Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Intrigue Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Irresistible Lingerie Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Irony Dark Wine Lip Plump
    - Find Me
    Iso-Taupe Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me


    Jelly Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Jolt Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Joy Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Juicy Pink Lip Conditioner
    - Find Me


    Legend Bronze Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Legend
    Lilac Sizzle Frosted Pearl
    - Find Lilac Sizzle
    Lingerie Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Lingerie
    Livewire Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Livewire
    Lollipop Red Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Lollipop
    Love Letter Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Love Letter
    Love Sheer Rose Lipstick
    - Find Sheer Rose
    Lucite Red Creme Lipstick
    - Find Lucite
    Luscious Lips Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Luscious
    Lust Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Lust
    Lust Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Sheer Lust
    Luxury Lilac Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Luxury


    Madly Rose Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Madly
    Madness Red Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Madness
    Malibu Bronze Lip Six Palette
    - Find Malibu
    Malted Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Malted
    Maiden Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Mahogany Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Maiden Lavender Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find Maiden
    Mardi Gras High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Mardi Gras
    Marooned Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Martinique Lip Nouveau - Pink Frost Lip Creme
    - Find Me
    Matador Red Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Matador
    Mauve It! Mauve Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Me
    Mauve Lip Glaze Kit
    - Find Mauve Glaze
    Mauve Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Mauve Mocha Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Mauve Mocha
    Mauvelous Lip Six Palette
    - Find Me
    Melon Creme Lipstick
    - Find Melon
    Metro Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Miami Rose Velvet Matte
    - Find Miami
    Mimosa Velvet Matte
    - Find Mimosa
    Mist Pink Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Mist
    Miracle Pink Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find Miracle
    Mistress Chocolate Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find Mistress
    Misty Mauve Velvet Matte
    - Find Misty Mauve
    Mocha Creme Lipstick
    - Find Mocha
    Mocha Ice Frosted Pearl
    - Find Mocha Ice
    Mocha Mist Lip Lacquer
    - Find Mocha Mist
    Modest Mauve Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Modest
    Moonlight High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Moonlight


    Naughty Strawberry Lip Gel
    - Find Naughty
    Nectar Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Nectar Pearl
    Nectar Super Gloss
    - Find Nectar Gloss
    Neutral Lip Glaze kit
    - Find Me
    Nirvana Light Creme Lip Plump
    - Find Nirvana
    Nymph Rose Lingerie Pearl Lipstick - Find Nymph


    Oasis Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Oasis
    Ombre Creme Lipstick
    - Find Ombre
    Orange Ice Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Orange Ice
    Orchid Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Orchid
    Outshine Lip Lacquer
    - Find Outshine


    Pamper Creme Lipstick
    - Find Pamper
    Paparazzi Gold Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find Paparazzi
    Paris Lip Nouveau - Pink Lip Creme
    - Find Me
    Parisian Pink Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Parisian
    Party Lingerie Shimmer Stick
    - Find Me
    Passion Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Sheer Passion
    Passionate Pink Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Passionate
    Penny Super Gloss
    - Find Penny
    Peony Fig High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Peony
    Persuade Lip Twin Lipstick
    - Find Persuade
    Paparazzi Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Pink Lip Glaze Kit
    - Find Pink Glaze
    Pink Ice Frosted Pearl
    - Find Pink Ice
    Pink Patina Lip Lacquer
    - Find Pink Patina
    Pink Rose Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Pink Rose
    Pink Sugar Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Pink Sugar
    Pixie Vanilla Sparkle Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Pixie
    Pizazz Frosted Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Pizazz
    Platinum Beige High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Playful Creme Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Plum Passion Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Plum
    Plush High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Plush
    Poise Creme Lipstick
    - Find Poise
    Pompeii Lip Nouveau - Wine Lip Creme
    - Find Me
    Poppy Indelible Line Lip Pencil
    - Find Poppy
    Porsche Red Creme Lipstick
    - Find Porsche
    Posh Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Posh
    Potion Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Potion
    Power Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Sheer Power
    Premiere Gold Lumi-Shine Gloss
    - Find Premiere
    Pucker My Lips Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Pucker
    Pulse Deep Bronze Lip Plump
    - Find Pulse

    Q & R

    Quasar Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Quasar
    Quicksand Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Quicksand

    Radiant Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Radiant
    Raisin Creme Lipstick
    - Find Raisin

    Rare Rubies Lip Lacquer
    - Find Rare Rubies
    Raspberry Super Gloss
    - Find Raspberry
    Rave Plumping Lipstick
    - Find Rave
    Red Alert Creme Lipstick
    - Find Red Alert
    Rhubarb Super Gloss
    - Find Rhubarb
    Ripe Fig High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Ripe Fig
    Riviera Red Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Riviera Red
    Root Beer Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Root Beer
    Romance Rose Creme Lipstick
    - Find Romance
    Rosiest High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Rosiest
    Rouge Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Rouge
    Royal Plum Lip Lacquer
    - Find Royal Plum
    Rum Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Rum
    Rum Raisin Velevet Matte
    - Find Rum Raisin
    Runway Rose Pink Lip Plump
    - Find Runway
    Rustique Creme Lipstick
    - Find Rustique


    Sable Creme Lipstick
    - Find Sable
    Santa Fe Sunrise Pearl
    - Find Me
    Sassy Creme Lipstick
    - Find Sassy
    Satin Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Satin
    Satin High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Savvy Red Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Savvy
    Scarlet Red Creme Lipstick
    - Find Scarlet
    Scorned Purple Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Scorned
    Seduce Pink Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Me
    Sequin High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Serenity Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Sex Kitten Lip Six Palette
    - Find Me
    Sheer Love Rose Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Sheerly Bronze Lip Lacquer
    - Find Sheerly Bronze
    Shy Cocoa Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Shy
    Sienna Creme Lipstick
    - Find Sienna
    Silk Pearl Lipstick*
    - Find Silk
    Silverberry High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Silverberry
    Soulmate Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me
    Smitten Velvet Matte
    - Find Smitten
    Smooch Rose Lip Plump Gloss
    - Find Smooch
    Soft Mocha Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Soft Mocha
    South Beach Lip Nouveau - Pink Lip Creme
    - Find Me
    Spice 24K Gloss
    - Find Soice 24K
    Spice of Life Lip Six Palette
    - Find Me
    Spice Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Sheer Spice
    Starlit Sheer Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Starlit
    Strawberry Super Gloss
    - Find Strawberry
    Strut Creme Lipstick
    - Find Strut
    Subdued Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Subdued
    Success Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Success
    Sugar and Creme Pout & Glow
    - Find Sugar Pout
    Sugar Bronze High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Sugar Bronze
    Sultry Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Sultry
    Summer Lovin' Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Summer
    Sunburn Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Sunburn
    Sunburst Glitter Gloss
    - Find Sunburst
    Sunset Red Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Sunset Red
    SuperModel Violet Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Supermodel
    Supernova Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Supernova
    Surrender Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Surrender
    Sweet Super Gloss
    - Find Sweet
    Sweetheart Red Velvet Matte
    - Find Sweetheart
    Swoon Rose Creme Lipstick
    - Find Swoon


    Tangerine Creme Lipstick
    - Find Tangerine
    Tangerine Lip Perfect Liner
    - Find Tangerine
    Tainted Pink Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Tainted
    Tease Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Tease
    Tease Plumping Lipstick
    - Find Tease
    Tempest Deep Red Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find tempest
    Tempting Rose Lips Pout & Glo
    - Find Tempting Pout
    Temptress Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Temptress
    Tender Heart High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Tender Heart
    TerraCotta Gold Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Terracotta
    Terra-Mauve Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Terra-Mauve
    Throb Deep Red Lip Plump
    - Find Throb
    Toffee Super Gloss
    - Find Toffee
    Torch High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Torch
    Touch Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Touch
    Trance Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Trance
    TropiCoral Pink Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find tropicoral
    True Love Creme Rose Lipstick
    - Find True Love
    True Rouge High Impact Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Truth Sun Glow Lip Plump
    - Find Me
    Tulip Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Me
    Twilight Bronze Lipstick
    - Find Me
    Twinkle Gold Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Me
    Twisted Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Me


    Ultimatum Bronze Shimmer Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Ultimatum
    Vail Lip Nouveau - Red Mauve Lip Creme
    - Find Me
    Vanity Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Vanity
    Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Velvet Mattes
    Velvet Plum Plumping Lipstick
    - Find Velvet Plum
    Venus Red Lips Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Venus
    Vertigo Pink Coco Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Vertigo
    Vibe Deep Mauve Lip Plump
    - Find Vibe
    Vibrant Lip Twin Duo Lipstick
    - Find Vibrant
    Vintage Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Vintage
    Vintage Maroon Pearl Lipstick
    - Find Vintage
    Violetta Lip Lacquer
    - Find Violetta
    Virgin Lip Gel - Lip Pink
    - Find Virgin
    Virtue Lip Gel - Moon Glow Pearl
    - Find Virtue
    Vivacious Pink Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Vivacious
    Voila Velvet Matte Lipstick
    - Find Voila


    Walnut Indelible Line Pencil
    - Find Walnut
    Wild Orchid Lip Lacquer
    - Find Wild Orchid
    Wink Light Mauve Lip Plump
    - Find Wink
    Wish Creme Lipstick
    - Find Wish
    Wisteria Rose Lip Six Palette
    - Find Wisteria
    Whimsy Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss
    - Find Whimsy
    WildBerry Lip Gel Gloss
    - Find Wildberry
    Wonder Sheer Velvet Lipstick
    - Find Sheer Wonder
    WoodBerry Velvet Matte
    - Find Woodberry


    Lipstick Shades

    Affectionate-Mauve Almond Apricot Attitude* Autumn Bashful* Belle "Berry Sexy" "Blaze Red" "Blue Roses" Bombshell "Bordeaux Wine*" "Bronze Ice" "Bronze Shimmer" Cafe* Cancun* Candlelight Cappuccino* Caress Cedar Cerise Chance* Champagne Champagne-Rose Chance Chocolate "City Lights Coffee" "Coco Ice" Copper-Ice "Coy Pink*" "Coral Pink" Cranberry "Cranberry Ice" Crimson "Crushed Grape" "Cuddle Pink*" Currant "Darling Brown" "Day Dream Rose" "Delicious Pink" "Demure*" "Devotion Deep Rose" "Dessert Blossom" "Dune Dark Rose" Dusk Ecstasy Embrace-Lilac Eruption Eternity "Fatale-Wine" "Femme Coco-Mauve" "Fawn Pink" "Flambe Frost Red" "Flicker Peach-Glow" "French Kiss Pink" Geranium Ginger "Girlie Pink Frost" "Godiva Chocolate*" "Golden Mauve*" "Guava Lilac" "Guilty Wine Sparkle" "Haze Red-Copper" Hypnotic "Ice Wood" "Imagine Light Creme" Interlude Iris Irresistible-Red Iso-Taupe "Jolt Copper Pearl" "Lilac Sizzle" "Lingerie Cocoa" "Love Letter Rose" "Lucite Red" "Madness Red" "Malted Dark Matte*" Mahogany Marooned Mango "Matador Red*" "Mauve Mocha" Melody Melon Metro "Miami Rose*" Mimosa* "Misty Mauve*" Mocha "Mocha Ice" Naked Nectar "Nude Pink" "Nymph Rose Pearl" Oasis Ombre Orchid Pamper "Parisian Pink" "Passionate Pink" "Peach Dazzle" "Pink Champagne" "Pink Ice" "Pink Rose" "Pizazz Bronze" "Playful Pink*" "Plum Passion" "Poise Pink Red" "Porsche Red" "Potion Metallic Pink Ice" "Precious Pink" "Princess Pink" "Port Red" "Prom Pink*" "Quartz" "Razzle Dazzle" Raisin "Red Alert" "Red Hot" "Risky Red" "Riviera Red*" "Rouge Red-Violet*" "Romance Pink" "Rum Raisin*" Rustique "Sable Brown" "Satin Beige Linen" "Santa Fe Sunrise" "Savvy Red Pink" "Scandal Red-Copper" "Scarlet Red" Scorned Sea-Shell Sienna "Silk Pink Mocha" "Serenity Creme Beige" "Smitten Rose*" "Soft Mocha" "Sonata Rose*" Sterling Strut "Subdued Frosted Creme" "Success Beige Matte*" "Sugar Plum" "Summer Lovin" Sunburn "Sunset Red" "Surrender Mauve" "Sweetheart Red*" "Swoon Rose" Tangerine Tainted Terracotta-Gold "True Love" "Twilight Pewter" "Ultimatum Bronze Shimmer" "Venus Red" "Vertigo Pink Coco" Vintage "Voila Rose*" "Wish Pink Lips" "Woodberry Beige-Rose*" "Vitamin E Stick"

    Luxury Lip Gloss

    Lip Gel Shades "Aloha Copper Tan" "Believe Pink Gel" "Burst Red Lips*" "Climax Wine Lip Gel*" "Crave Coffee" "Damsel Rose" "Escort Pink Pearl Lip Gel" "Decadence Mocha" "Debutante Pink-Pearl* Lip Gel" "Destiny Lip Gel" "Force Bronze Gel*" "Fusion Copper-Sun* Lip Gel" "Frenzy Deep Mauve Lip Gel" "Hush Berry-Rose Lip Gel" "Intimate Purple-Rose* Lip Gel" "Legend Copper Gel*" "Lollipop Red Lips" "Luxury Lush Lilac* Lip Gel" "Madly Rose Lips" "Mauve it! Mauve Gel" "Mist Pink Lips Gel" "Modest Mauve Lip Gel" "Naughty Pink Lips*" "Peach Ambrosia" "Pixie Vanilla Lip Gel Sparklette*" "Pucker Your Pout" "Seduce Lip Pink*" "Shy Coco-Creme" "Starlit Pink Sky" "Super-Model Sexy Berry* Lip Gel" "Tempest Deeply Red" "TropiCoral Pink Gel*" "Twinkle Lip Gel" "Virgin Pink-Pearl" "Virtue Moon-Glow" "WildBerry Lip Gel Shimmer*"

    Lip Lingerie Sticks

    "Affectionate Creme-Rose" "Cancun Brown Spice" "Eternity Coco-Creme" "Fatale Red Wine" "Femme Coco-Mauve" "Flicker Peach-Glow" "Girlie Pink Sparkle" 'Guilty Red Berry Wine" "Irresistible Red Lips" "Lingerie Mocha Creme" "Miami Pink Rose" "Mimosa Creme Lips" "Nymph Sexy Rose" "Party Pink Fuchsia" "Please Me Pink Petals" " Sheer Love Rose" "Subdued Creme Frost" "Summer Lovin'" "Sweet Lips Pink Peach" "Tease Me Pink Sparkle" "Ultimatum Bronze Shimmer" "Va-Voom Real Pink" "Vertigo Pink Cocoa"

    Vitamin Lip Balm Conditioner Gloss

    Lip Conditioner Gloss "Natural Fruit Tint" "Vanilla Clear Lip Balm" "Juicy Pink Lips" "Moist Mauve Lips" "Quench Liquid Ice"

    Lip Twins Lasting Lipstick Shades - Lip Color & Liner

    "Blushing Pink" "Classy Mocha" "Enticing Red Wine" "Exotic Pink Lips" "Intrigue Red" "Persuade Pink" "Radiant Wine" "Timeless Rose" "Vanity Pink Peach" "Vibrant Red Lips"

    Pout and Glo Gloss

    Pout-&-Glo Lip Shades "Daring Pink Pout" "Devilish Deep Wine Pout" "Flirty Bronze Pout " "Heavenly Lavender Pout" "Illicit Coffee Creme Pout" "Sugar Light Cream Pout" "Tempting Sexy Rose Pout"

    Super Gloss

    Super Gloss Shades: Super Berry; Super Candy; Super Charming; Super Clear; Super Copper; Super Femme; Super Gilded; Super Gossamer; Super Grape; Super Marigold; Super Nectar; Super Penny; Super Raisin; Super Raspberry Super Rhubarb; Super Strawberry; Super Sweet Lips; Super Toffee

    Lumi Shine Gloss

    Lumi-Shine Lip Gloss Shades - BellaDonna Blast-Off Candy Cosmic Desire "Drama Queen" Extreme Equinox Fairy Fantasy Fetish Frostbite Fireworks Hype Incognito Jelly Livewire Luscious Lust Maiden Miracle Msitress Paparazzi Premiere Quasar Quicksand Sensual SoulMate SuperNova Tease Trance Twisted Vivacious Whimsy Pink

    Lumi-Shine Lust Lumi-Shine Incognito Lumi-Shine Drama Queen Lumi-Shine Tease Lumi-Shine Soulmate Lumi-Shine Cosmic Lumi-Shine Trance Lumi-Shine Fireworks Lumi-Shine Hype Lumi-Shine Fetish Lumi-Shine Mistress Lumi-Shine Sensual Lumi-Shine Quasar Lumi-Shine Quicksand Lumi-Shine Quasar Lumi-Shine SuperNova Lumi-Shine Twisted Lumi-Shine Luscious Lumi-Shine Fantasy Lumi-Shine Whimsy Lumi-Shine Frost Bite Lumi-Shine Maiden Lumi-Shine Candy Lumi-Shine BellaDonna Lumi-Shine Livewire Red Lumi-Shine Miracle Lumi-Shine Vivacious Lumi-Shine Jelly Lumi-Shine Extreme Lumi-Shine Fairy Lumi-Shine Blast Off Lumi-Shine Desire Lumi-Shine Paparazzi

    Luxury Lipstick with Plumping Lip Formula

    Luxury Lipstick shades include: Ambrosia Apple Bourgeois Brass Charmed Coral Pink Enchanting Entice Ethereal Felicity French Red Goddess Heavenly Joy Lacquer Lavish Love Drop Loveable Lust Opulance Orchid Nirvana Paris Playful Poise Pucker Rapture Rave Ravishing Sterling Peach Tease Temptress Tenderness Utopia Velvet Velvet Plum

    High Impact Luxury Lipstick with Plumping Lip Formula High Impact Luxury Lipsitck Shades include: Au Naturel; Azalea; Brandywine; Brownie; Cider; Coral Shell; Cosmopolitan; Drama; Fresh Lips; Godiva; Mardi Gras; Moonlight; Peony; Platinum Beige; Plush Lips; Ripe Fig; Rosiest; Satin; Sequin; Sugar Bronze; Tender Heart Torch Red; True Rouge

    LIPTOX Lip Plumping Gloss &

    LIPTOX SHEER Lip Plumping Gloss LIPTOX Sheer Lip Plumping Gloss include: Angel, Celebrity, Contessa, Intrigue, Nude, Precious, Princess, Seduce, Starlit, Temptress - Liptox & Liptoxyl gloss lip enhancers.

    Lip Plumping Gloss

    "Lip Plump Gloss A-List Copper" "Lip Plump Gloss Affair Pink Mauve" "Lip Plump Gloss Boudoir Rose" "Lip Plump Gloss Candid Mauve" "Lip Plump Gloss Dainty Rose" "Lip Plump Gloss Dare Gold Rose" "Lip Plump Gloss Discrete Cocoa" "Lip Plump Gloss Energy Wine" "Lip Plump Gloss Fabulous Red" "Lip Plump Gloss Flight Pink" "Lip Plump Gloss Fling Deep Red" "Lip Plump Gloss Glaze Pink" "Lip Plump Gloss Irony Red Wine" "Lip Plump Gloss Nirvana Creme" "Lip Plump Gloss Pulse Copper" "Lip Plump Gloss Runway Pink" "Lip Plump Gloss Smooch Rose" "Lip Plump Gloss Throb Deep Wine" "Lip Plump Gloss Truth Sun Glow" "Lip Plump Gloss Vibe Bronze" "Lip Plump Gloss Wink Mauve"

    Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Gel, Lumi-Shine and Vo-lip-tuous Shades
    Click to enlargeLIP PLUMP COLORSLip Plump Colors for Fuller Lips - Order any combination of Color Release Vo-lip-tuous Lip Plump Gloss Shades.

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